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Etude House

Etude House - Centella SoonJung Skin Care Trial Kit

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In the set:

Etude House Centella Soonjung Toner - 15 ml

Etude House Centella Soonjung Moist Emulsion - 15ml

Etude House Centella Soonjung Cream - 7 ml

Etude House Centella Soonjung - Night Mask - 5 ml


A set of products with a minimum content of components that can cause skin irritation. The products are ideal for the care of sensitive, damaged skin, help to cope with dryness and irritation, soothe and relieve stress. In addition, the products protect the skin from external negative influences, restoring its barrier functions.

How to use: Apply toner, emulsion, cream to cleansed skin. Apply a night mask during evening skin care.


For a full ingriedient list for each product, check each product individually on the brand's official website.