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Purito - Plainet Squalane Oil 100

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This lightweight, multi-purpose squalane oil is derived 100% from sugarcane. The oil quickly penetrates the skin to hydrate and lock moisture. This replenishing facial oil works to boost elasticity, nourish, sooth and smooth out dehydration lines. Plainet Squalane Oil helps promote cell turnover and lessens the appearance of fine lines. The plant-based, vegan oil improves skin health by soothing redness and skin irritation.


How to use:

  1. Cleanse the skin as usual.
  2. Massage a few drops into the skin as a last step in your routine.
  3. Follow up with a SPF during the day.

+PLAINET SQUALENE OIL can be used as a hydrating boost. Add a few drops to your face/ body moisturizer. Or massage the oil into the ends of the hair to give your hair extra moisture and to nourish.


100% Squalane